Mission Statement:

Ronald Leroy Savage Jr., (pka: B.Stinger), founded United Coalition Association Inc: on February 1, 2005. This organization was formed for charitable purposes, and for giving up-lifting,educational seminars. These seminars are held on an unlimited number of topics such as, giving single parent(s) the support they need, showing students the importance of staying in school, and also trying to get young children out of gangs by giving them valuable information so they can succeed in life. This organization holds community meetings on how people can make their community better. This is a wide range, from getting drug dealers out of your community to help bringing relationships between state representatives, elected officials and their communities. We are looking to have a voice on Local & National governmental issues on resolving community concerns. We encourage and praise those parents that teach their children that hanging in the street selling drugs, robbing and stealing are not the way of life. We all have to come together for the rebirth of this world.